Poynton Dippers was established in 1977.

Our objectives

Poynton Dippers is a friendly, inclusive, and community orientated swimming club which promotes swimming and encourages members to develop their potential as competitive swimmers and/or enjoy swimming within a social environment.

Our objectives are;

  • to provide focused coaching which identifies ability and provides support for those with competitive potential who wish to follow a pathway into the sport;
  • to create and sustain a friendly and welcoming environment which promotes and encourages swimmers of all levels and provides a rich and rewarding social and competitive swimmer experience.

Priorities for the club

Governance: just because we're a development club does not mean that we lack governance.

  • To provide a clear and transparent governance structure where decisions are taken in the best interest of the club.
  • Where accountabilities and responsibilities are clear and provide effective running of the club's activities with good leadership and decision making.
  • Clear opportunities for participation and contribution to the decision making and running of the club.

Participation: to increase and/or sustain participation in club sessions at all levels.  Provide and maintain a clear pipeline for new joiners and pathway in additional to swimming for our senior members.  To achieve consistent club attendance at approximately 8 local gala events each year.

Coaching: to provide and develop sustainable coaching resources.  Support and develop club coaches and encourage club affiliation amongst the work force.  To provide sustainability in resourcing.