Upcoming Events for 2024

Poynton Dippers take part in a collection of galas and run a number of social events throughout the year.  We host our own annual club championships each autumn at Poynton Leisure Centre.

Please find a list of our upcoming events.

DateTitleVenueAimed At
13/01/2024Peaks & Plains Round 1Crewe9-15+ yrs
24/02/2024Peaks & Plains Round 2Crewe9-15+ yrs
09/03/2024Sputniks Round 1Macclesfield8-11 yrs
13/03/2024Poynton Dippers AGMThe Civic Hall + OnlineAll members
23/03/2024Peaks & Plains Round 3Crewe9-15+ yrs
13/04/2024Sputniks Round 2Macclesfield8-11 yrs
11/05/2024Peaks & Plains Round 4Crewe9-15+ yrs
12/05/2024 (Sunday)Sputniks Round 3Macclesfield8-11 yrs
15/06/2024Sputniks Round 4Macclesfield8-11 yrs
02/07/2024 - 06/07/2024Long Distance Charity Challenge SwimPoyntonAll members
06/07/2024Summer Social EventPoynton Sports ClubAll members + family
TBABambers Inclusive Swimming GalaEast Manchester Leisure CentreAll members
28/09/2024Tadpoles GalaStockport9-15+ yrs
12/10/2024Club ChampionshipsPoyntonAll members
16/11/2024Presentation EveningPoynton Civic HallAll members + family

How to enter

You will receive an email from our Swim Club Manager system when an event is open for registration.  Please follow the link in the email to indicate your availability and where applicable which swimming races you wish to take part in.  Your submission goes straight into our club system and that's it, you're registered!

We’ll collect payment automatically via direct debit (DD) - this is the same DD you we use for your monthly membership fee.

Putting your entry in on time helps the event team process entries.

Event History

Please see a list of our historical events and results.


DateTitleVenueAimed At
14/01/2023Peak and Plain Round 1Crewe8-15+ yrs
11/02/2023Peak and Plain Round 2Crewe8-15+ yrs
15/03/2023Poynton Dippers AGMOnline via ZoomAll members
18/03/2023Sputniks Round 1Macclesfield8-11 yrs
01/04/2023Peak and Plain Round 3Crewe8-15+ yrs
22/04/2023Sputniks Round 2Macclesfield8-11 yrs
20/05/2023Sputniks Round 3Macclesfield8-11 yrs
17/06/2023Sputniks Round 4Macclesfield8-11 yrs
01/07/2023Mavis Wallis GalaStockport8-12 yrs
Summer Social EventPoynton Sports ClubAll members + family
09/09/2023Bambers Inclusive Development MeetManchester Aquatic CentreTBC
30/09/2023Tadpoles GalaStockport9-15+ yrs
14/10/2023Club ChampionshipsPoyntonAll members
11/11/2023Presentation EveningPoynton Civic HallAll members + family


DateTitleVenueAimed AtLinks
26/02/2022Peaks & Plains Round 1Crewe9-15+ yrsRules
19/03/2022Sputniks Round 1Macclesfield8-11 yrsResults
26/03/2022Bambers Inclusive Swimming GalaEast Manchester Leisure CentreAll membersResults in SCM.
30/03/2022Poynton Dippers AGMZoomAll members
02/04/2022Peaks & Plains Round 2Crewe9-15+ yrs
Satellites Spring Open MeetMacclesfield9-15+ yrsResults
23/04/2022Sputniks Round 2Macclesfield8-11 yrsResults
15/05/2022 (Sunday)Sputniks Round 3Macclesfield8-11 yrsResults
18/06/2022Sputniks Round 4Macclesfield8-11 yrsResults
09/07/2022 6pm+Summer Social EventPoynton Sports ClubAll members + family
24/09/2022Tadpoles Round 1Stockport9-15+ yrs
01/10/2022Tadpoles Round 2Stockport9-15+ yrs
15/10/2022Club ChampionshipsPoyntonAll members
12/11/2022Presentation EveningPoynton Civic HallAll members + family


DateTitleVenueAimed AtLinks
20/01/2019Postal SwimWilmslow7-18 yrs
10/02/2019Sputniks Round 1 (Sunday)Macclesfield 7-11 yrsResults
23/02/2019Peaks & Plains Round 1Crewe7-18 yrs
16/03/2019Sputniks Round 2 (Saturday)Macclesfield 7-11 yrsInfo
27/04/2019Peaks & Plains Round 2Crewe7-18 yrs
04/05/2019Sputniks Round 3 (Saturday)Macclesfield 7-11 yrsInfo
11/05/2019Mavis Wallis GalaStockport9-12 yrs
18/05/2019Peaks & Plains Round 3Crewe7-18 yrs
25/05/2019Sputniks Round 4 (Saturday)Macclesfield 7-11 yrsInfo
21/07/2019Open Water SwimSale12 yrs+
28/09/2019Tadpoles Round 1Stockport9-21 yrs
05/10/2019Tadpoles Round 2Stockport9-21 yrs
19/10/2019Club Championships
Poynton7-18 yrs
25/10/2019Presentation Evening (Friday)

Poynton Workmens ClubAll
10/11/2019Macclesfield & District Lions Club Annual SwimarathonMacclesfield All