Kit List

Two pairs of goggles, your main set plus a spare.  Check to ensure they are tightened before the gala.

Swimming costume/trunks, plus spare - you never know!

Dippers swimming hat, plus spare.

Dippers branded kit if you have it, t-shirt, bag, etc.  Have a t-shirt to wear poolside to keep warm.

A couple of towels, one for poolside, and one for afterwards.

Water bottle and some healthy snacks.

Before Gala

If you have any allergy information ensure to inform the Dippers team manager.

Where possible practise your event in training paying attention to starts, turns, and finishes.

Check the date and venue location.

Check warm up times.

Ensure you know who the Dippers team manager is and you have their contact details.

Check your kit list.

Day of Gala

Turn up on time, which is at least 15 minutes before the scheduled warm-up time.

Report to Dippers team manager for Dippers registration.

Be prepared for your warm-up.  Stretch poolside if necessary.

Ensure you know what strokes/distances you are doing.

Always inform Dippers coach/team manager if you need to leave poolside for any reason (toilet etc).

Always check if there is a relay at the end of the gala before you plan to leave.


It's ok to be nervous.  Talk to your coach - they can help you.

Starting in the water, or diving from the side of the block is usually allowed.  Don't worry about diving from the blocks if you're still learning.  Always check with your coach - they can help you.

Have fun, enjoy your swimming, and bring plenty of cheer to support your team mates during their races.